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Gaming Overview

Vision for a revolution in Blockchain Gaming.

Vision for a revolution in blockchain gaming

Endless Nights is creating a new architecture that allows players to achieve a new level of freedom that stems from the infrastructure of intrinsic blockchain technologies and their utility. This whitepaper introduces an architecture of heterogeneous development which will fundamentally change Gamefi 1.0 and Web3 as we know it.
As part of the development of ENZA, it was important for us to define the limitations of the traditional Web2 gaming paradigm. Limitations of Web2 gaming include but are not limited to; server isolability, developability, governance, applicability, and ownership within their respective frameworks. As part of Our Web3 goal, we have not only considered current technology but also the implications of future developments in order to integrate new mechanisms such as Virtual Reality, Metaverse compatibility and multi-chain interoperability.
The Web3 vision of ENZA is not just a game, it’s monumentally bigger. Our goal is to create an ecosystem and Endless Nights is a critical part of it. In understanding the limitations of Web2 gaming we will deliver an immersive, quality web3 experience like none other.
Below is an image of how we envision our ecosystem in our grand scheme.
Shown above is the design of our innovation. Unus Pro Omnibus, Which is the latin for ‘All for One’. This is the word representation that aligns with our vision for this gigalith ecosystem. We will structure our token, future projects, and endeavors accordingly. This model allows us to be flexible and gives us freedom in building the future in this constantly evolving industry. (Keep in mind this is proposed, not conditioned. We will have changes and adjustments along the way to adapt to any new vision. It is impossible to define what we will do a year from now knowing how quickly the rate at which Web3 evolves.)

Current State of Traditional Gaming:

The need for blockchain technology in games has greatly increased over the years due to the limitations of traditional web2 gaming. Based on our assessment, the greatest limitations of web2 technology is the server, ownership and distribution of assets.
At this point in time players can buy an in-game asset, such as a skin or emote. These in-game assets cannot be sold in an external way and are subject to be traded within a system that the respective game creates, or not be traded at all in most cases. A very large example of this is in the modern day mobile gaming industry. Players of these games buy battle passes, skins and other in-game items, spending vast amounts of money. Most of these items can only be used in game, there is no real benefit or value outside of the game.
The new Web3/Blockchain gaming industry empowers players by decentralizing and re-distributing assets however they please. This will affect how they interact with the game and the economy around the game. As an example, Endless Nights will have its own in-game marketplace, the players will have the option to use this marketplace or look elsewhere to buy, sell and trade their collectibles. The asset is yours, to do as you deem fit.

Technological limitations of Web2 Gaming:

Asset centralization is a characteristic of Web2 gaming that restricts users from actually owning (with all of the perks that it entails) their intangible goods. This means that without the proper build out of technology by a company, players do not have the ability to profit from their in game achievements, skill, and network. Web2 games also use static databases leading to things like scams, hacks, and cheating both in game, and over the web. This also means that there is no trusted way to view another player's assets without further buildout allowing access to the data stored on their game servers.
Blockchain solves all of these problems with safe, decentralized, highly scalable, and upgradable technology. The use of decentralized servers, or in the Polygon space nodes, allow for seamless cross-world play without the issue of server lag or DDOS attacks. The highly scalable nature of blockchain also allows for constant growth within the space of blockchain gaming.
The system of blockchain is unique because the technology allows users to validate the transactions and data going on live in the game while earning money. This makes the platform that we build our game on completely permissionless and decentralized therefore making it sustainable for the long term.
A visual example of Web2 Servers vs Web3 server made by Skiplevel.co

Web2 Gaming —-> Web3 Gaming:

Web2’s transition to Web3 gaming has broken down the doors and limitations distinct to anything the web2 gaming world has ever conceived. By redistribution of ownership and empowering players, gamers are finally able to control their destinies. This has allowed for many new gaming ecosystems to be created or formed, including our very own Endless Nights. However the start of any new industry is rocky, and revolution of an industry does not come without challenge. The enthusiasm of this new wave of technology and people trying to catch the wave resulted in lower production games more focused on the earning mechanic rather than the entertainment value that is the core of every video game. This concept gave birth to many gaming projects that focused solely on the economic standpoint and lacked the fundamentals of what a game should be. In likeness of this, many gaming projects that rake in money would under normal gaming circumstances not become as big as they are.
This tremendous focus on the earning aspect and not the playing aspect is why Endless Nights came to existence. At Endless Nights we believe that we are the solution to this issue. At times going back to the fundamentals and basics when using new technology is difficult. But our team is creating both an enjoyable experience as well as a sustainable economy within the game.
This is what Endless Nights is building; the first AAA-Level quality P2E game. The future of blockchain gaming - A fun immersive experience at its core that allows users to earn money with a sustainable, safe, scalable ecosystem that will impact web3 and create experiences that last a lifetime.
We hope you will join us on this long-lasting, entertaining, invigorating, and revolutionary journey.
Much love from the Endless Nights Team