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Battle Royale (Tournaments)

Battle Royale (Tournaments):

Tournament Mode is a battle royale-style game mode where the goal is to be the last survivor. This mode will be available periodically, but mostly for tournament use once per month, though we have plans to integrate and play it other ways as well later down the line.


Each game will last until the last of the 100 players in the world remains. There will be an impending toxic waste storm forcing players to get closer and closer until they are forced to fight. The waste circle where players can roam, slowly gets smaller until one player remains standing.
Only one way to win the game: Be the last man standing. There will be no point system or extra tie-breaker system in this game mode. There can only be one winner. Eventually the toxic gas will swallow the entire map. May the best survive.

ENZA Funded Tournament:

Battle Royale mode will provide a different kind of prize structure and earning mechanic than the other two more traditional day to day modes. The ENZA team will host a battle royale tournament once a month. This tournament will be completely funded on the back-end. This means that the only requirement to enter this tournament is an NFT.
The prize itself month to month will be funded completely by the ENZA team. Exclusive skins and other exclusive NFT accessories will also be given as prizes to top players. We will create custom 1/1 skins that will be trophies, players will know that the person who earned that skin did through our tournament.
These are must attend events you do not want to miss!