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ENZA Soldier Stats

E.N.Z.A Soldiers are a stunning unique NFT collection to be used as Endless Nights playable characters. Each Game played with these NFTs has the potential to yield the user earnings, giving incentives


Our Intentions at ENZA is to deliver the highest possible quality art to the community. This is a top priority at all times, regardless of our current objective. ENZA soldiers are a unique and comprehensive NFT collection. These NFT’s double as in-game playable characters. We took it upon ourselves to have each ENZA soldier created as a 3D model, with all traits individually rendered. Our diverse color pallets, high resolution and sheer attention to detail is what truly allows us to captivate the realistic feel needed to deliver an immersive experience. There is a total of 10,000 E.N.Z.A Soldier NFTs with the following characteristics: - 4 Base character models - Over 600 unique distinct traits - Guaranteed uniqueness (No two NFTs will be the same)
Below is an image of one of each of the 4 models generated. (Note: Your NFT may or may not look like this. When you mint you will get a random generation of 600+ traits)
Image 3: E.N.Z.A. Soldiers NFT Base Characters

Character names:

Top Left: Colonel Top Right: Mitch Bottom Left: Yara Bottom Right: Kierston
Our team will create detailed lore behind each character soon. Get excited as we move forward to see the diversity of characters in existence.
Good to Keep in mind: Minting an NFT gives you an equal chance at the rank 1 as the rank 10,000 in rarity.