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Breeding Mechanism


Breeding isn’t a new concept to NFTs, it has been done by multiple collections. We have seen how successful breeding can be at expanding and onboarding new members into an ecosystem if done correctly. Breeding is a way to create new NFTs while rewarding the current NFT holders to accommodate the Endless Nights growing player base, for this reason our breeding will be a new concept we call “Odyssey Breeding”.
During the breeding process, the NFT cannot be played in-game and will remain in the holder's wallet. If the holder moves the NFT either by sending it to another wallet or listing the NFT, the expedition will automatically fail.

Odyssey Breeding:

Odyssey breeding is a new term we are coining because the breeding concept we will be taking for the future of our NFTs has not been done by a person, project or entity.
Odyssey Breeding is a controlled breeding mechanism that is conceptualized by ENZA. Using a formula of supply and demand to controllably dictate how many NFTs get released through breeding at certain times. This means Breeding will be highly sought after and won’t always be accessible, only at certain times to maintain a high demand for all in-game characters.
How we will set up Odyssey Breeding to take effect is very straightforward to explain. Once the team feels the demand of our original ENZA soldiers has reached a point where we can onboard more soldiers we will open breeding. The caveat is we cap the amount that can be bred by each individual ENZA Soldier and in total by all ENZA Soldiers. This creates a dynamic of urgency to get your maximum amount of breeding in before the entire supply is gone because each generation's supply is limited.

Gen 2 Soldier Upgrading:

Each NFT minted/bred from our new breeding mechanism will differ in skillsets and durability in comparison to our original ENZA soldier NFTs. Using our token to train and upgrade your soldier holder will be able to reach the same stats as a Generation one ENZA Soldier NFT.
Each Gen 2 NFT will be different from a Gen 1 NFT, so that they could be unmistakably distinguishable amongst each other. This means new artwork, poses, skins, traits and more
More info on breeding coming soon...