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ENZA Soldier Utility

Each E.N.Z.A Soldier is not just an NFT. These NFTs have Utility which means that they have use cases as seen below.

Playable character in our game:

ENZA Soldiers are in-game playable characters, in order to have access to the game you are required to own one.There is a limited supply of 10,000 ENZA soldiers. NFTs and blockchain technology allow users to own the in-game characters as NFTs. This NFT technology provides proof-of-ownership which allows gamers and users to easily track assets and their real-world monetary value. What makes an NFT different from a normal in-game character you use is that you can trade or sell this NFT on multiple different marketplaces.


Our renting mechanism will allow NFT owners to rent out their NFTs to other people. This is done to give holders another use-case for their NFT. People who don’t have the capital to buy a NFT or those who do not plan to play the game can now take advantage of this renting mechanism.This means that you do not need to be good at playing the game to generate revenue. This in turn increases the amount of players in our game on a daily basis while benefiting holders financially.
Renting prices will be set to a certain cost during day-to-day rentals. With an upfront payment, the renter can play with the NFT for a variable set time chosen by the owner of the NFT. We chose this so that the price of rentals stays consistent and that way people can know how much it will cost to rent an NFT. If the renter wants to rent for more than one day the cost in which he rents each would be cheaper for multiple days than each day individually. (Note: Rental service is subject to change and evolve. This concept is new therefore we will slowly find the mechanism that works best.)
We will also be creating a different rental mechanism for our monthly tournament which will be available with custom parameters. This mechanism will allow for a custom ‘market-made’ price which will be defined by supply and demand. An example of a tournament rental setting scenario is giving the NFT as a free rental with the condition that any prize money earned will be split equally between the renter and the NFT owner. Alternatively, another flexible rental mechanism is just setting a flat rate rental upfront of choice. A NFT holder may choose either mechanism upon entering our rental interface.
More details in depth will be provided in the ‘NFT renting mechanism’.


We plan to create a system that will allow new players to enter our ecosystem while also benefiting the main holders. Holders can take two NFTs plus our token and send them on an expedition. The result will be a new in-game character which can be rented out or sold.
This will be a controlled breeding event so that new generations of ENZA Soldiers will come as the demand increases. This will create a higher supply allowing new players to join and play while the owners of the original ENZA Soldier NFTs have a chance to create more value from their NFTs.
This new generation of NFT’s will vary in appearance and durability. They will be weaker than the Gen 1 ENZA soldiers, so it is crucial to upgrade your new soldier with the tokens you earn in game. Holders of Gen 2 soldiers will need to upgrade their soldier with our token in order to get it as strong as Gen 1 Soldiers.
More details in depth will be provided in the ‘Breeding mechanism’

In-game rewards:

Online PvP and Squad vs Squad will allow players to win our tokens at any time of the day. By owning an NFT, holders will have the opportunity to win tokens by playing multiplayer games and ranking high on the leaderboards at the end of a season. This is done to reward those who are most active and consistently win the most games.
Campaign mode players will benefit from in-game item drops. These items will vary in rarity from Common to Rare. Rare drops will vary month to month creating excitement and re-playability by being able to obtain a new rare drop every month with enough time dedicated.

Token and accessory airdrops/free mints:

NFT Holders will benefit from random token airdrops as well as free Weapons, Skins and other in-game items. These items will be rewarded to holders directly to the wallet with their NFTs. More info to be released in the future…

Participation in monthly tournaments:

We plan to host a large Tournament every month.
Here are the logistics: -Battle royale style tournament -Exclusive for holders of our NFT -A percentage of our monthly royalties will be allocated to the prize pool.
We will host at least 1 tournament every month after mint