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Squad vs Squad

Squad vs Squad:

Hop online with your friends or random E.N.Z.A Soldiers into a Team vs Team battle but be careful, more Zombies. Similar to the 1 on 1 game mode but it’s Team based. More people = More fun supposedly.
The objective of this game mode is to have more players remaining on your team by the end of the game timer. This game mode will have more zombies, more monsters, and more blood.


Each game will last a set variable amount of time that is defined by the game on that set day. (Games in this mode will last longer than 1v1 Games) Ex. The game will last 15 minutes.
Three ways to win the game: 1.) Kill all your opposing team 2.)Have more people on your team alive than your opposing team at the end of the timer. 3.)If both teams have the same number of people alive when the timer goes out, the team that scored more points wins. How to score points: You score points by killing Zombies and monsters surrounding you in our 4v4 mode. We will introduce bosses in the middle of the map that reward teams with more points if they get the last shot in before the kill. Players will now be forced to get in closer proximity, if you allow the opposing team to take all the boss kills you will inevitably lose the game. The opportunity to snipe boss kills or sneak attack your opponent while they are targeting a boss is a real possibility and adds a new fun layer of complexity to our already fun game.
Tie Breaker mechanic: If the case comes where both teams have the exact same number of members alive and points then we will set it so that our game increases the difficulty of Zombies/Monsters until one entire team dies. Will you stay together in your last moments or stray apart to last extra time. Ex. Each team has 3 members alive; the first team to lose all their members is the losers.

P2E Mechanic:

Our multiplayer modes are also where you can earn tokens.
Here is the mechanism breakdown: 1.)Each match, “X” players will pay an entry fee of (X*Y) of our token Per team and play the game, we call this the entry fee. 2.)The winning team will take both teams' entry fees as their prize, in essence doubling the initial entry fee paid (minus a game fee). Formula used to determine prize: P=((2(X*Y)-Z)/Y) Where X=Player, Y=Entry Fee per player, Z=game fee, P=Prize 3.)The entry fee paid will vary from day to day based on the token price. This is made so everyone pays the same amount to play and keep it affordable for everyone regardless of the token price. Here is an example in place to better understand. Team 1 and Team 2 both pay 15 tokens each, so a total of X*15 tokens. Team 1 wins the game so they get back 2(X*15)-Z tokens. Part of Z aka,the remaining tokens are the game fee, the rest would go to the team and four tokens go to the prize pool for ranked play at the end of the season. (Keep in mind this is an example for understanding, numbers are not set and are subject to change.) More in-depth info will be provided in future Whitepaper updates.