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Single/Co-Op Modes

Campaign Mode:

An Immersive story mode with tons of fun secrets and places to explore. In Campaign mode you can find weapons, skins and other items trade-able in our marketplace. Campaign mode can be played in single and co-op mode with a friend to explore our very fine crafted ENZA world. Use weapons to kill zombies, bosses, and eventually the Succubus if you're powerful enough. This storyline will be immersive and show a post apocalyptic world in which you must survive and try to stop the Endless night zombie apocalypse that is coming.

Campaign Mode item drops:

Most items that drop will be common. But there will be very rare chances at special items. These special items will vary from month to month to keep users playing our campaign mode.
This is done to increase the replayability of our campaign mode and add exclusivity to certain items. Our goal is that in the future someone can flex their gen 1 item that is impossible to ever obtain again.
Further updates regarding Item drops, exact spawn rates, and what items do, in a future whitepaper update…

Endless Nights Mode:

In this mode, you will be tasked with killing zombie hordes, but always remember there are more than just zombies. Bosses and other creatures will attack you as well, so be wary of those. Endless Waves of Zombies will be coming at you, your goal is to score the highest amount of points possible without dying. Climb buildings, run, hide… No matter what you do the Zombie/Monster Ai will still find you making this mode a hyperactive, action packed experience that both veteran and new gamers can enjoy.
More info on this mode coming soon…