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Our Marketplace


Our in-house marketplace will allow for the trading of all Endless Nights accessories, items, and skins. This Marketplace will continue to grow and evolve as we move forward like everything the ENZA team works on.
This marketplace will use our token exclusively in the initial release but later expand to other crypto currencies while giving benefits to those who use the $APK token. Some of these benefits will include, but are not limited to lower fees, better prices in auctions, and more to come. An example of this is that our NFTs will have an “X%” royalty on secondary marketplaces. If you decide to use our marketplace over other secondary marketplaces you do not need to pay traditional royalty fees, you would only be paying the marketplace fee which is significantly less than our royalties + other Marketplace fees.
(NOTE: Our main focus is the game. This marketplace will be developed in parallel but is not the main focus point.)

Marketplace Developments:

Everything we do at ENZA is pristine, our attention to detail will not waver in any aspect of our design, including this marketplace. We have phases for each developmental milestone we have in mind for this marketplace and what it will hold. (Keep in mind this is proposed, not conditioned. We will have changes and adjustments along the way to adapt to any new vision or concept that may arise. (The web3 space is ever changing, due to these constant changes it is impossible to predict what new challenges and adaptations may arise in the future. Because of this it is important to remember that modifications to our plans are crucial to a successful company.)

PHASE 1: Alpha Phase

The ENZA Marketplace (Tentative name until revealed later), will be primarily used to trade Endless Nights specific NFTs and assets at this time. In this phase we will constantly adjust UI, re-organize the website and fix everything that would be needed before we go and onboard other projects. NFT rentals for our own NFTs would fit into this part of the plan.

PHASE 2: Beta Phase

The ENZA Marketplace will now onboard other NFT based gaming projects. There will be a review process for projects to be able to join our Marketplace and they will be on-boarded at our discretion. This is done to keep the projects on this marketplace organized and make sure the quality of games in our marketplace is to the highest quality. At this point our UI will be close to optimal but we will continue to make adjustments for the best possible user experience.

PHASE 3: Public Release

In this Phase of development we will now onboard nearly all heavy utility and gaming based NFT projects. We will further develop the UI, add organization tools and daily volume ranking for trading within our marketplace. We will release Polygon and other crypto payments progressively while giving benefits to those who continue using our $APK Token. This will be done to further expand the Marketplace. In this phase we plan to introduce our NFT rental mechanism to be used by other projects.

PHASE 4: The future

As stated in the previous phases we will continue to grow. The growth will not stop here, we have plans to continue expanding whether it be from Multi-Chain Interoperability, to expanding to new categories of NFTs, to introducing the selling of real world items as well. There is no limit on what we can achieve, we will not stop building.


Priority for development is not in the marketplace but in the game itself. This is a loose proposed set of ideas that is bound to change over time as our vision evolves. This is purely a concept of our team's ideas set forth to show the world what we are working towards everyday.