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Alphack Token

Our Token:

The Alphack Ecosystem is powered by our token, the Alphack token.
The Alphack token ($APK) is our lifeblood and will be used for nearly every transaction possible within our ecosystem. This includes transactions within our marketplace, Play2Earn mechanisms, in-game transactions, governance, and many many more use cases we will provide in the future.
Our goal with $APK is to create a token that is integrated into multiple flourishing games with different capabilities. Our company will use one token in all the developments of the game, each time building another utility into $APK.
Below we have an image of the $APK ecosystem and what it entails. (Keep in mind all four of the images besides the ENZA logo are place holders, though they do bear resemblance/similarities with the project plans we have for each.)
Our Token, vision and plans are all simplified into this image. This is a visual representation of who we are. As we build out these other projects and concepts our image will develop and our $APK ecosystem will expand past what you see in this image. We plan to be the titan in our industry when it comes to blockchain gaming, Metaverse and virtual reality technology. But all large companies start somewhere, for us our start is Endless Nights.